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Uncle Shirley's Boot Jacks
For the person who has everything, here's one thing they can use...... 
Boot-Jacks, made from antique Kentucky barn wood. 

What is a boot-jack?
You put the heel of your boot in the opening and step on the end with your other foot to pull your boot off easily. They are made out of antique, barn wood and stamped with an Uncle Shirley's brand.  These boot jacks are one of a kind and are the perfect gift for the person who has everything.   My wife uses one to remove her cowboy boots. I use mine to take off my rubber boots.  They are great if you have back problems and it is hard to bend and take off boots.  Email me if you are interested in purchasing one for yourself or a friend.   

Yellow Acorn
Non-GMO ear corn
12 lb bags with convenient handles
Feed all your wildlife easily with Uncle Shirley's Yellow Acorn non-GMO ear corn
Deer, turkey, goats, rabbits, squirrels and birds